Travel adaptors for visitors to the UK

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The electricity supply in the UK is 230v 50Hz, which is the same as for all of Europe and Scandinavia. The 13A socket is the only domestic type used within the UK. The plug has three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern.


It is the only domestic plug in the world which has a small fuse fitted inside it, which is an important consideration:

  • The 13A fuse means that the maximum power which can be drawn from a UK socket is 13A.
  • All travel adaptors must contain a fuse. European appliances are designed to operate safely with sockets protected by a 16A circuit breaker. Without a proper fused adaptor, the only protection will be the main circuit 32A circuit breaker, which in the case of a fault may not trip, resulting in the appliance overheating.

A key feature of UK sockets is that the live and neutral connections (lower 2) are protected by shutters, which only open up when the longer earth pin (top) is inserted. This also prevents non-UK plugs from being forced in.

Travel adaptors are suitable for lower current domestic applications. For higher power appliances, hot tubs and EVs, please see our range of heavy duty adaptors.

Choosing the Correct Adaptor

Whilst there are hundreds of travel adaptors on the market, our extensive research showed that only 3 different types were actually needed to use most worldwide plugs in the UK.

Adaptor 1

This adaptor is compatible with the following:

Schuko (Type F) and European CEE 7/7

Adaptor 2

This adaptor is compatible with the following plugs:

Euro Plug (Type C)

American 2 pin NEMA 1-15 (Type A)

Travel adaptors do not convert the voltage - ensure that appliance is suitable for use at 230v.

American 3 pin NEMA 5-15 (Type B) 

Travel adaptors do not convert the voltage - ensure that appliance is suitable for use at 230v.

Australian 10A (Type I)

Italian 10A (Type L)

As there are two types of Italian plugs, it is important to carefully check your plug before ordering. This travel adaptor is only compatible with the 10A version (centre of outer pins 19mm apart). For the larger 16A version (centre of outer pins 26mm apart), please see our heavy duty adaptor.


Adaptor 3

This adaptor is compatible with the following plugs:

Indian 6A and UK 5A

As there are 3 types of round pin plug, it is important to carefully check your plug before ordering. The rating should be detailed on the plug itself. If you are unsure, measure the distance between the pins. This adaptor is only compatible with the 5A/6A plug (middle). For the larger 15A/16A used in the UK for stage lighting and most commonly in South Africa, please see our heavy duty adaptor.

Plugs Which are Not Compatible with Travel Adaptors

Standard travel adaptors are not available for the following plugs. However, heavy duty adaptors are available - please click on each one to see the compatible adaptor.

Swiss 10A and 16A (Type J)

Denmark (Type K)

Italian 16A (Type L)

South African and UK Stage Lighting BS546 15A (Type M)


Why buy your travel adaptors from us?

All of our travel adaptors have been carefully selected following exhaustive tests, to ensure that they are entirely safe for use in the UK. They may not be the cheapest on-line, but we guarantee that they are the safest and most appropriate.

We began to sell travel adaptors after becoming concerned at the number of sub-standard unsafe adaptors being sold online, often with a number of seriously dangerous issues:

  • The UK electrical system is the only domestic system in the world which is dependant on every plug or adaptor having it's own fuse. Without a fuse, the appliance will only be protected by the 32A socket circuit circuit breaker. As the appliance will be designed to be protected by a 10A or 16A fuse, if a fault develops the cable on the appliance, or the appliance itself may overheat.
  • Unsheathed pins, increasing the risk of electrocution, particularly for children whose small fingers may be able to touch the live pin when the plug is only partially inserted.
  • Non-shuttered sockets, enabling a child to insert a metal object into the live receptacle and receive an electric shock.
  • Cannot safely manage the maximum current (power draw) that may occur from the rating of the socket they are recommended to be used with. This may lead to dangerous over-heating.
  • Often do not connect the vital earth pin. Some appliances require an earth connection so that if a fault occurs and an external metal part becomes live, the earth wire safely conducts the electricity away, tripping the circuit breaker or blowing the fuse. If the earth is not connected, the metal will remain live, electrocuting anyone who touches it.