DUSTIMATE modular extractor control unit 110v or 230v 16A

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Our new Dustimate modular control system was developed following feedback from woodworkers who were looking for an automated way of controlling their dust extractor. 

To create your own customised Dustimate system, first select the appropriate control unit from the 110v 16A or 230v 16A options above. A 230v 13A unit and a clever version that remotely controls a motor starter for larger extractors is also available.

Next select at least one sensor. Unlike other brands which rely on magnetic sensors being carefully placed onto the tool's motor, the system simply plugs into the power cable between the tool and supply. Any mix of sensors can be combined, enabling use across 110v, 230v ad 415v supplies.

In addition to sensors, the system can also be triggered by a remote control module or manual power on switch. A sensor isolator switch and high visibility indicator module are also available. 

All of the modules are simply connected to the control unit using a small signal cable. Every module has 2 communication sockets, enabling the units to be daisy chained together. 

The Dustimate system is the only one on the market which uses an industrial contractor instead of a relay to switch the extractor. Other units use a relay, which is a cheap, compact and great way of controlling resistive loads. The issue is that any power tool with a motor creates an inductive load (further explanation of load types can be found here). When the relay contacts open to turn the tool off, the stored inductive energy in the motor coil is discharged, resulting in a damaging arc across the terminals, which can eventually cause the relay to fail. The Dustimate uses a high quality branded contactor instead of a relay. Contactors work using the same principle as a relay, but they are much larger and far better suited to switching higher current inductive loads. 


  • Extremely robust enclosure, dimensions L175mm x W125mm x D100mm.
  • Rotary switch to enable dust extractor to be set to off, on or automatic. The switch was chosen to be easy to use when wearing gloves.
  • 22mm indicator displays green when the power to the unit is on, and red when the extractor is on.
  • Pre-set power off delay of 10 seconds between removal of the last trigger and the extractor turning off, in order to clear ducting. This may be user adjusted by removing the unit cover and turning a control dial.
  • 2m in, 0.4m out H07RN-F 2.5mmsq industrial quality harsh environment rubber cable.
  • Contractor rating 230v AC-7a (resistive) 40A, AC-7b (inductive) 15A. 110v AC-1 (resistive) 32A, AC3 (inductive) 18A.
  • If a no volt release switch (NVR) is fitted to the extractor, this will need to be bypassed (instructions provided)
  • Not compatible with extractors fitted with a motor starter - use the Dustimate extractor control DoL unit.
  • May be wall mounted.
  • Can be supplied with any length of cable or alternative plug/socket on request.
  • PAT tested.

Advantages of an automated system:

  • Reduces dust, improving the workshop environment.
  • Saves power by running the extractor only when needed.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Reduces heating bills (where extractor vents outside).