ModulEV Modular European & Scandinavian charger extension system (Audi compatible)

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These adaptors are compatible with the Audi Compact Charging System. They are the same and therefore entirely compatible with our Tesla gen 1 range, but are listed separately in order to provide clearer details for the Audi.

Where a modular system is not required, a range of standalone adaptors are also available.

Charging options and challenges

The Audi Compact Charging System is the portable charger, often known as the 'granny charger' supplied as standard with each car. The unit has two interchangeable cables:

  • UK 13A plug adaptor, which enables connection to any suitable UK 13A socket. Audi state that the empty to full charge time using this method, which is limited to 10A, is 47 hours.
  • CEE IEC 60309 32A plug, often known as a 'Commando' plug, which enables the unit to be connected to 230v 32A industrial sockets. This allows the car to be charged at 32A, with an empty to full charge time of 13:30 hours.

Whilst the 32A CEE plug enables much faster charging, the challenge in the UK is that 32A sockets are rarely found other than in commercial/industrial premises. However, the smaller 16A CEE IEC 60309 socket (43mm in diameter compared to 57mm for the 32A variant) is commonly found at commercial premises, campsites and marinas across the UK and Europe.

Although a simple 16A plug to 32A socket adaptor could be used, as the charging rate can be increased to 32A, if this is accidentally set then the charger will try to pull 32A, and if the supply is not properly protected by a 16A circuit breaker, this could lead to significant overloading (and therefore over heating) of the adaptor.

The ModulEV 32A socket unit finally provides a more satisfactory solution. The IP55 rated Italian made GEWISS enclosure contains a thermal circuit breaker. Should the user ever forget to dial the current down to below 16A, the circuit breaker button will pop up, disconnecting the power. Simply wait around 1 minute and press the circuit breaker button back down to reset. The unit's indicator light turns off if the circuit breaker trips.

    Choosing the Correct Socket Unit

    Use the table below to select the correct ModulEV socket for your application.

    Plug diameter 57mm

    32A CEE Socket

    Recommended to achieve faster 16A charging rates where a 16A CEE socket, or other European/ Scandinavian socket is available.

    13A UK Socket 

    When using the ModulEV system in the UK, the 13A socket unit enables the Audi Compact Charger's 13A plug to be connected, ensuring that the current is automatically limited to 10A. The IP66 weatherproof rating is also far more suited to the great British weather. Charging is limited to 10A.

    Using the Compact Charger in Europe and Scandinavia

    Using the Mobile Connector in the UK is relatively simple, as there are generally only domestic 13A or commercial 16A CEE sockets. In contrast, charging abroad can be a confusing minefield, with a need to navigate a range of different sockets which look deceptively similar, yet may be in incompatible with some plugs, even when they physically fit together.

    Following extensive research and customer feedback, we developed the Audi Compact Charger compatible version of our ModulEV® EV charging system. ModulEV® is a modular system, which enables the charging of an EV using domestic and commercial sockets across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. It provides a unique, simple, cost effective, compact and expandable solution:

    • Use the appropriate ModulEV socket unit - 13A within the UK, and 32A when either an industrial socket or European/Scandinavian 16A socket is available. 
    • Connect the required adaptor to the ModulEV® socket unit, by simply pushing the connectors together and twisting to lock. The ModulEV® universal CEE7/7 plug adaptor, can be connected to both Schuko and French sockets, providing a single solution for the majority of Europe and Scandinavia.
    • If a longer cable is required, use any combination of ModulEV® modular extension cables, up to a maximum of 25m. Leads with an in-line RCD are available for extra protection (Where required, only 1 RCD is needed per set up).
      • Plug the adaptor into the compatible socket.
      • Charge at up to 10A (UK 13A socket unit) or 16A (32A CEE socket unit).

      Modular Design

      Each ModulEV® socket unit is fitted with a weatherproof IP65 modular connector. Following an extensive search for a suitable connector and months of testing, we chose this one as it is widely being adopted as the universal standard for stage/event lighting. Its compact size (it can easily pass through a letter box or other restricted space), reliability and unique twist/lock design, make it ideal for this application.

      The connector enables the ModulEV® system to be expanded with a range of other modular components as your travels progress. All adaptor leads and modular extension leads are compatible across the standard, Audit and Tesla compatible ModulEV ranges. 

      Typical Applications

      1. The picture below illustrates a typical application with an Audi Compact Charger connected using the 32A socket adaptor to the ModulEV cable system. The Schuko/French universal adaptor is attached to enable connection to a Schuko socket. Extra length is provided by the 10m modular extension cable. Charging is limited to 16A.

      2. When staying at a campsite the Schuko/French adaptor is removed by simply pressing the button on the ModulEV connector and turning it 90 degrees. The 16A CEE adaptor is then connected; a change which takes a matter of seconds. Charging is limited to 16A.

      3. At home the ModulEV system uses the 13A plug adaptor, with the 13A socket unit. Charging is limited to 10A.

      Adaptor Options



      Universal Schuko/French Adaptor

      The universal CEE 7/7 adaptor fits both Schuko and French types sockets and is the main adaptor required for the majority of Europe and Scandinavia.

      Traditional Italian Socket

      New Bipasso Socket

      Italian Adaptors 10A and 16A

      Historically Italy has had its own specific socket, available in 10A and 16A versions. However, many buildings now have the Bipasso/Schuko socket, which can be used with both Italian (10A & 16A) and Schuko plugs.

      The universal Schuko/French adaptor will therefore work anywhere in Italy where the Bipasso/Schuko socket is available. However the challenge may be in older buildings, where only traditional Italian sockets are provided. 

      Whilst many sockets in Italy will accept both 10A and 16A plugs, some will only accept one type, so for complete peace of mind both adaptors would be required. Please note that use of the 10A adaptor will limit charging to under 10A and this must be dialled down on your EV. The 10A adaptor has a white plug with warning label to highlight this.

      Swiss Adaptor

      Switzerland and Liechtenstein use their own specific socket, available in 10A and 16A versions. 10A plugs can be inserted into 16A sockets, but the reverse is not possible. 

      For complete peace of mind both adaptors would be required. Please note that use of the 10A adaptor will limit charging to below 10A and this must be dialled down on your EV. The 10A adaptor has a white plug with warning label to highlight this.

      Danish Adaptor

      Denmark and Greenland use their own 16A socket. Whilst the socket looks similar to a Schuko/French socket, they must not be used together. Although they will fit, the earth will not be connected, which is extremely hazardous for EV charging. The Danish adaptor must be used for these sockets.

      From 2008 French sockets were allowed to be fitted in Denmark, with Schuko sockets supported from 2011. The universal Schuko/French adaptor will therefore work in Denmark where either of these sockets are fitted. Data on their prevalence is not available, and so it is likely that in many places a Danish adaptor will still be required.

      Modular Extension Cables

      Modular extension cables can be used to extend the ModulEV® adaptor. More than one lead can be connected together up to 25m, to enable expansion over time.

      Modular Extension Cables + RCD

      Modular extension cable fitted with an in-line RCD. An RCD is a life-saving device which is designed to prevent you from getting a fatal electric shock if you come into contact with a live wire or current. RCDs offer a level of personal protection that ordinary fuses and circuit-breakers cannot provide.

      Where an RCD is indicated, only one is required per set up.

      UK 13A Sockets

      The ModulEV UK 13A plug adaptor enables the system to be used as an extension lead within the UK.

      It is recommended that it is used in conjunction with ModulEV 13A socket unit. If the 16A to 32A socket unit is used, the charging current must be set to 10A, as this will not occur automatically.

      230v 16A CEE Adaptor

      Found at campsites and marinas across the UK.

      230v 32A CEE Adaptor

      Where a 32A socket is available, higher charging rates can be obtained by connecting the charger directly, or using a 32A extension lead. A ModulEV adaptor is therefore not available.

      415v 16A CEE Adaptor

      Commonly used in industrial locations and power installations at temporary sites.

      The ModulEV system can be connected using the 415v 16A to 230v 16A adaptor.

      415v 32A CEE Adaptor

      Where a 32A socket is available, higher charging rates can be obtained by connecting the charger using the 415 32A to 230v 32A standalone adaptor.  A ModulEV adaptor is therefore not available.


        The Electrical Safety First website provides a fantastic resource to check the type of sockets used in any county worldwide. For more technical information, the Digital Museum of Plugs and Sockets provides a fascinating resource.


        ModulEV 32A Socket Unit Specification

        • Splash proof IP44 rated 230v 32A socket, compatible with the Audit Compact Charger's 32A plug.
        • Weatherproof IP65 modular connector.
        • Weatherproof IP55 rated (when lid shut) Italian made GEWISS enclosure containing a 16A Thermal resettable circuit breaker and power indicator light.
        • 0.3m (input and output) 2.5mmsq cable.
        • Industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperate range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable
        • PAT tested.

        ModulEV 13A Socket Unit Specification

        • Weatherproof IP66 rated high quality 13A socket, compatible with all UK EV 'granny charger' 13A plugs.
        • Socket can be locked shut with a small padlock with a maximum diameter of 5.5mm (not included).
        • Weatherproof IP65 modular connector.
        • 0.3m 2.5mmsq cable.
        • PAT tested.

        ModulEV Adaptors Specification

        • 0.3m of the largest diameter H07RN-F rubber cable which will safely fit the specific plug: 
          • 2.5mmsq - IEC 230v (16A), IEC 415v (16A), universal Schuko/French adaptor (16A)
          • 1.5mmsq - Danish adaptor (16A), Italian adaptor (16A), Swiss adaptor (16A)
          • 1mmsq - Italian adaptor (10A), Swiss adaptor (10A)
        • Weatherproof IP65 modular connector.
        • PAT tested.

        If you require an adaptor which is not listed, please do get in touch, as we can make adaptors for almost any international socket, many from stock.