Weatherproof 4 output Sonoff WiFi switch

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Created to enable WiFi control of 4 lights (or small appliances) in the garden using WiFi. Supplied either on it's own ready to wire to a supply, or already fitted with a 13A plug and 1m of flex to simply plug in.

Robust weatherproof IP55 rated enclosure, suitable for installation in the garden. Up to 4 lights/small appliances can be hard wired to the controller using simply push fit terminals (earth is a screw terminal). Five weatherproof cable glands are supplied, to enable each cable to be securely fastened to the enclosure.

Once the unit is wired, simply turn the power on and connect it to your home WiFi network using the eWeLink mobile phone app. Can be integrated into Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other WiFi based platforms (use with an Alexa to enable voice control when in a hot tub seems to be a popular with our customers!).


Please ensure that there is WiFi signal at the location where the unit will be used before ordering. 


  • Weatherproof IP55 high quality GEWISS enclosure, L190 x W140 x H70mm.
  • Sonoff 4CH WiFi switch. Sonoff is a well established smart home brand.
  • Can either be wired directly to control 230v AC outputs, or be used to switch 5-24v DC outputs using an external power supply with a 2.1mm connector (not supplied).
  • Live and neutral wire directly to the unit using push fit terminals, whilst an additional screw terminal is provided for the earth connections.
  • Maximum total load 230v AC 10A (resistive). Must not be used to control high power appliances such as garden heaters or hot tubs.
  • Simple to connect to a WiFi network by installing the eWeLink app on a mobile phone and following the instructions provided.
  • Can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other WiFi based platforms.
  • Can be used in conjunction with WiFi switches and sensors.
  • Three output configurations - Turn the 4 outputs on independently, turn only 1 output on at a time or have a timer any/all of the outputs (e.g. so that lights turn off after x minutes).
  • Wireless frequency - 2.412-2.484GHz.