About us

Tough Leads is a family business situated in the heart of Somerset. We only supply premium quality extension leads, built to withstand every day on-site conditions. We believe that using only the highest quality components creates leads which are not only safer, but will significantly out last any other extension lead, at a price which remains affordable.

When we were busy renovating our dilapidated house, we managed to damage two extension leads in as many weeks. Frustrated at the lack of high quality leads available, we made our own. After receiving so many positive comments from other trades people who visited the house and wanted one of their own, Tough Leads was born. From humble beginnings selling just five different types of extension leads, we have grown to provide over 200 hand assembled items. All have been designed with one aim in mind; to be the very highest quality lead of its type available on-line. We robustly test each component, to ensure that it is worthy of becoming part of a Tough Lead.

As a small family business, our success rests on providing exceptional customer service. The fantastic feedback we receive and our many repeat customers, demonstrate that in this age of call centres and faceless larger organisations, the personal touch still goes a long way.

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, then please get in touch, as we are able to make leads to any international requirement.

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