About us

Tough Leads is a family business situated in the heart of Somerset, supplying premium quality extension leads, adaptors, workshop controls and power meters.

When we were busy renovating our dilapidated house, we managed to damage two extension leads in as many weeks. Frustrated at the lack of high quality leads available, we made our own. After receiving so many positive comments from trades people visiting the house, Tough Leads was born. From humble beginnings, we've grown to become the UK's go to company for EV, hot tubs, garden heater and generator leads.

Our range of workshop and dust extractor controls are the most robust, innovative units available and as a result have developed quite a following online. Each week they are dispatched to woodworking hobbyists and commercial joineries across Europe and Scandinavia.

In response to the rising cost of energy, we've worked hard to develop the only range of heavy duty plug-in electrical power meters, timers and Wi-Fi controls in the UK. Used by marinas and some of the UKs biggest retailers, the units provide an ever increasing range of features from basic power monitoring, to full remote analysis.

We obsessively test all of the components in our products (it took us two weeks and 14 samples just to select a European plug!), to ensure that they are worthy of becoming part of the Tough Lead's range. Our products are continually developed with two aims in mind:

  • To provide the most robust product of their type in the UK.
  • To be carefully designed to reflect the needs of the end user.

As a family business, our success rests on providing excellent customer service. The fantastic feedback we receive on Trustpilot and our same year 9.67% return customer rate demonstrate that in an age of call centres and faceless larger organisations, the personal touch still goes a long way. 

In addition to supplying direct to the public, we're particularly proud that we've been trusted to supply items to thousands of different businesses. In the past year, customers have included a wide range of retailers, wholesalers, police services and universities. Universities often require bespoke items to support the latest research and our ability to work with them to develop custom items has resulted in an ever  increasing number universities adding Tough Leads to their supplier list.

If you would like support with your purchase, our guides contain a wealth of information, written by our expert team to carefully explain complex issues in an easy to understand way. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, then please do get in touch.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Adrian and the dedicated team in Somerset

P.S. All of our assembled products are made in our UK workshop