Cable protective cover

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Our robust protective cable covers are manufactured in the UK and provide a great solution for cables running where there may be pedestrian or vehicular traffic (rated up to max 12 tonne axel weight). They feature angled sides with anti-slip treads, suitable for pedestrian and wheelchair users. Multiple lengths can be joined together by interlocking the end connectors like a jigsaw. Also ideal for motor homes hook up leads.

The Highways Act 1980 covers the running of cables across footpaths. Unfortunately, interpretation varies between local councils, with some prohibiting the practice, whilst others like Hampshire have published guides on using cable covers. Please check guidance in your local area.

  • Dimensions L765mm x W133mm x H22mm.
  • Suitable for use with a single cable up to 12mm diameter.
  • Rated for a maximum 12 tonne axel weight.
  • Extremely durable, UV stabilised, for use between -40°C and +50°C.