13A plug to 16A IEC60309 socket adaptor

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Heavy duty adaptor, ideal for connecting equipment with a 16A industrial CEE IEC60309 plug to a standard UK 13A socket. 

Typical Application

The picture below illustrates a typical application, with a UK caravan hook up connected to a Schuko socket using the universal Schuko/French adaptor.

Slightly confusingly, whilst UK sockets are commonly referred to as 13A, they can only supply 13A for short periods of time e.g. boiling a kettle. For prolonged loads, 10A is the maximum to avoid over-heating.

Please see our guide for the definitive source of information on connecting caravans and motorhomes to campsites, domestic sockets, generators and EV charging points across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia. 


  • Maximum load 13A.
  • 13A plug (Permaplug).
  • Splash proof IP44 rated high quality German manufactured Menneke 230v 16A IEC 60309 socket.
  • 0.3m 1.5mmsq industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperature range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable
  • PAT tested.