Type 2 to European socket adaptor

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Replacement adaptor to the one supplied with the Citroen Ami to enable connection to a type 2 charger.

Unlike most other EVs which use a special type 2 to type 2 charging lead, the Ami is connected using the standard charging cable fitted to the vehicle. An adaptor is supplied which enables the European CEE7/7 2 pin plug to be connected to a type 2 socket. The adaptor is IP44 rated (splash proof for use outside).


Normal EVs will automatically communicate with the charger to tell it to charge. However, the Ami's adaptor requires the use of two switches to manually send messages. Use the following procedure:

  • Turn switches A and B on the adaptor to the off position.
  • Plug the Ami's European plug into the end of the adaptor.
  • Plug the adaptor into a type 2 charging socket.
  • Turn switch A ON to tell the charging station that the car is connected. Where the charger features a locking mechanism, it will lock the connector in place.
  • Immediately turn switch B ON to tell the charging station to start charging. 
  • To release the cable when charging is complete turn OFF switch B, followed by switch A.

Some charging stations do not require this procedure to be followed; they simply start charging when the adapter is connected with both switches in the on position. 

The adaptor has a built-in a temperature sensor, which signals to the charging station to disconnect power if the output European plug becomes too warm. The unit will continue to provide power as soon as the temperature falls below the limit.

The Ami can be charged at any home or public charging point which has a type 2 (right) charging socket. The type 2 connector has 7 pins and was adopted as the EU standard for EVs in 2014. It is therefore the most common EV connector in the UK. 

The Ami can only be connected to chargers which have a type 2 socket. It cannot be used with chargers which have a tethered lead (a connector on the end of a cable).

If the 3m Ami cable is not long enough to reach the adaptor, we provide a range of extension cables which connect between the Ami's European plug and the type 2 adaptor. Note that this is different to our UK extension lead, as it has a European plug.


  • Type 2 connector to Schuko socket.
  • Max load 230v 16A continuous.
  • Over temperature protection.
  • Operating ambient air temperature -40 to +50°C.
  • Dimensions 58mm diameter, 184mm length.