13A EV Sockets Compliant with BS 1363-2 EV

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The IET Wiring Regulations (722. specify that 13A UK sockets which are installed to charge an EV must comply with BS 1363-2 and be marked ‘EV’ on the back of the plate. The marking on the back is required to demonstrate that it meets the more demanding British Standard, including a cyclical load test.

To achieve the new standard, sockets are subject to more demanding tests than a standard outlet, to ensure that they can withstand the long term supply of the continuous 10A load of an EV charger.

Until recently, there wasn't a single socket complying with the new standard actually available in the UK. We're pleased to now offer the first compliant unit with two options:

Socket Plate

  • Single socket supplied on it's own, ready to install onto a suitable back box.
  • Double pole switched for safety.
  • Marked as compliant with BS 1363-2 on the back of the socket.
  • Click here to view the manufacturer's BS declaration.


Weatherproof Socket + Socket Plate

  • Single socket supplied within a robust weatherproof enclosure.
  • Double pole switched for safety.
  • Marked as compliant with BS 1363-2 on the back of the socket.
  • Enclosure is made from robust high impact UV stable construction. The plastic will not discolour, fade or crack and operates in extremes of temperatures.
  • Easy-to-open latch, ensuring that the socket remains closed, even with the larger 2.5mmsq flex. Unlike other cheaper brands, the clips won't break off.
  • Easy to install with multiple 20mm round entry positions on all four sides and single 20/25mm entry on the back. 
  • IP66 rated, which means that it provides complete protection to the ingress of dust, and will remain waterproof even when subject to powerful water jets from any angle.
  • To guard against unauthorised access, the socket can be locked shut with a small padlock (5.5mm maximum diameter), available here


Safety Precautions:

Please note that section 722 Electrical Vehicle Charging Installations of the IET Wiring Regulations details a number of additional requirements for socket outlets which are installed specifically to supply an EV. Additional requirements include the following, and for that reason should be left to an electrician:

  • Dedicated final circuit with over-current protection (e.g. you can't use or spur off an existing ring circuit). 
  • 13A sockets must comply with BS 1363-2.
  • Except where there is no possibility of confusion, a label shall be provided on the front face or adjacent to the socket-outlet or its enclosure stating: ‘Suitable for electric vehicle charging’.
  • Protection from a Type B RCD.
  • PEN protection device/detailed earthing requirements for certain types of supply (far too complicated to explain here!)