Wi-fi Traffic light controller

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Larger retailers have already introduced entrance traffic lights systems to help manage the capacity of their store and promote social distancing. Such system work using a complex CCTV algorithm, placing them out of the reach of the majority of businesses. Our traffic light system has been developed to offer an affordable, flexible and reliable solution for small and medium businesses. 

The addition of a Wi-Fi controller transforms simple traffic light systems into an advanced programmable set up, with loop timers and smartphone control. Potential options include:

  • Single system control - In a typical set up where all traffic lights are controlled by all of the controllers, the Wi-Fi unit can be used to cycle all lights between red and green.
  • Multiple system control - Instead of all lights being controlled by all controllers, the Wi-Fi unit can be used to set up timers so that different lights cycle between red/green at different times, to allow for movement between areas.


  • Enables the traffic light remote system to be controlled via Wi-Fi, which must be available for it to function.
  • The standard app enables loop timers to be simply created in minutes. Once the loop timer is set, the Wi-Fi controller will alternate the traffic lights between red and green phases according to the set intervals (separate times can be configured for red and green).
  • Traffic lights can be controlled via buttons on the IoS and Android app.
  • Can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, including voice control.
  • Can control up to 16 different traffic light set ups. Each set up normally has all traffic lights are controlled by all of the controllers, which counts as just one of the potential 16 set ups.
  • Supplied with a USB plug to micro USB cable. Please note that a plug in 13A USB adaptor is not included.