Advanced 5m & 10m EV type 2 granny charger

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are often supplied with a portable domestic charger, designed to charge the vehicle when access to a charging point is not possible. Rather confusingly, the units are commonly referred to as 'granny chargers', as it is a lead to use when visiting relatives such as your granny!

Conscious of the number of cheap non-compliant EV chargers on the market, we worked with a leading manufacturer to develop a unit to our own high specification. When compared to our standard charger, this advanced unit features:

  • Adjustable charging rate (6A, 8A or 10A).
  • Programmable delay (up to 12 hours) in charging starting, in order to take advantage of cheaper overnight tariffs.
  • Advanced fault detection, with 12 different charging issues identified by the flashing pattern of the red indicator.
  • Extremely robust enclosure, IP67 rated (protected against powerful water jets from any direction).
  • Heavy duty H07BZ-F rubber cable.
  • Plug temperature sensor ceases charging if the temperature rises above an acceptable limit for added peace of mind.

The granny charger consists of a 13A UK plug, the charging unit, approx 5m length of heavy duty rubber cable and a type 2 connector. It simply plugs into a UK socket and any EV with a type 2 plug, to provide convenient charging.

Check That Your EV has a Type 2 Connector

This unit is only compatible with EVs with the most common type 2 connector (right). Type 2 connectors have 7 pins and were adopted as the EU standard for EVs in 2014.


The charger has an LCD display, providing clear real time updates on key charging parameters:

  1. Charging input rate (adjustable 6, 8 or 10A. N.B. 16A as shown in the picture is not available)
  2. Total charge in kWh provided during current use
  3. Real time input voltage
  4. Real time charging output current
  5. Total charging time for current use
  6. Status message
  7. Status icon
  8. Charging progress
  9. Working temperature
  10. Output power kWh
  11. Time to delayed charging when set (adjustable 1-12 hours)

The flashing pattern of the red indicator (shown below as the number of flashes before a pause) identifies 12 different charging issues:

  1. Connection error
  2. Over voltage
  3. Over current
  4. Over voltage
  5. Under current
  6. Relay failure
  7. PCB temperature raised
  8. Earth leakage current
  9. Not used
  10. Earth leakage detection failure
  11. Communication failure with EV


  • Wall mountable using one keyhole shaped screw recess on the charging unit.
  • A storage bag is available separately.