Tesla Gen 2 Compatible travel adaptors

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The Mobile Connector (previously known as the Universal Mobile Connector/UMC) is the portable charger supplied with every Tesla, often known as the 'granny charger'. The Gen 2 was supplied from around January 2019 and initially came with a 230v 16A IEC60309/CEE/Commando plug lead. However, this then became an optional extra from the Tesla store priced at £43.

The advantage of the 16A adaptor is that charging rates of 3.7kW (9 miles of travel per our charged) could be achieved when abroad, compared to 2.3kW (6 miles of travel per our charged). The Tesla 16A adaptor is required to use these travel adaptors. If the 16A CEE Tesla adaptor is out of stock, the Tesla Schuko adaptor can be used as an alternative with these adaptors.

Our travel adaptors enable the Tesla 16A adaptor to be connector to a wide range of other sockets, for under half the price. For example to travel in France, Italy and Switzerland would require either 3x genuine Tesla adaptors at £43 each (total £129). If you already have the Tesla 16A CEE adaptor, you can use our travel adaptors to connect to the same sockets for just £50.97, or a total of £93.97 if you have to purchase the Tesla 16A adaptor first. 

Gen 2 mobile connector:

  • Single phase charging.
  • 2.3kW - 3.7kW.
  • 7kW with 32A additional adaptor (not supplied).
  • 13A UK plug.
  • 16A CEE blue commando plug (43mm diameter).
  • The adaptor socket is an integral part of the main unit.

    Typical Application

    The picture below illustrates a typical application; a Tesla Gen 2 Mobile Connector fitted with the Tesla 230v 16A plug cable is connected to a Schuko socket using the standalone Schuko/French universal adaptor.

    Domestic Sockets

    A guide to sockets used across Europe and Scandinavia is available here and information on which sockets are used by every county in the world can be found here.



    Universal Schuko/French Adaptor

    The universal CEE 7/7 adaptor fits both Schuko and French types sockets and is the main adaptor required for the majority of Europe and Scandinavia.

    Traditional Italian Socket

    New Bipasso Socket

    Italian Adaptors 10A and 16A

    Historically Italy has had its own specific socket, available in 10A and 16A versions. However, many buildings now have the Bipasso/Schuko socket, which can be used with both Italian and Schuko plugs.

    The universal Schuko/French adaptor will therefore work anywhere in Italy where the Bipasso/Schuko socket is available. However the challenge may be in older buildings, where only traditional Italian sockets are provided. 

    Many sockets in Italy will accept both 10A and 16A plugs. For 10A sockets, it is safer and more cost effective to use the standalone 13A adaptor.

    Swiss Adaptor

    Switzerland and Liechtenstein use their own specific socket, available in 10A and 16A versions. 10A plugs can be inserted into 16A sockets, but the reverse is not possible. 

    For 10A sockets, it is safer and more cost effective to use the standalone 13A adaptor.

    Danish Adaptor

    Denmark and Greenland use their own 16A socket. Whilst the socket looks similar to a Schuko/French socket, they must not be used together. Although they will fit, the earth will not be connected, which is extremely hazardous for EV charging. The Danish adaptor must be used for these sockets.

    From 2008 French sockets were allowed to be fitted in Denmark, with Schuko sockets supported from 2011. The universal Schuko/French adaptor will therefore work in Denmark where either of these sockets are fitted. Data on their prevalence is not available, and so it is likely that in many places a Danish adaptor will still be required.

    Industrial Sockets

    43mm diameter

    CEE 230v 16A Blue Sockets - No adaptor Required

    Found at campsites and marinas across the UK and Europe. 

    The Tesla 16A Mobile Connector lead plugs in directly, with no adaptor required.


    57mm diameter

    CEE 230v 32A 


    An adaptor isn't provided, as it is more cost effective to use a genuine Tesla 32A adaptor and also achieve a full 32A charge rate.

    Please be aware of cheaper 32A to 16A adaptors available online which do not include an MCB. These are a serious hazard, as if a fault occurs the EV charger and cable would not be protected by a 16A breaker. Subjecting the 16A rated cable and charger to up to 32A before the 32A supply MCB tripped would result in it becoming dangerously hot, risking an electrical fire.

    56mm diameter

    CEE 415v 16A Adaptor

    Commonly used in industrial locations and power installations at temporary sites.

    The 415v 16A adaptor enables connection. The adaptor is only compatible with 5 pin sockets (L1, L2, L3, N And E), as EVs require a neutral connection.

    63mm diameter

    CEE 415v 32A Adaptor

    Commonly used in industrial locations and power installations at temporary sites.

    In order to achieve a full 32A charge rate, this adaptor must be used in conjunction with the the genuine Tesla 32A adaptor.



    • IP44 rated 230v 16A Menneke socket (or PCE dependant on stock), to connect directly with the Tesla Mobile Connector 16A lead.
    • 0.4m of the largest diameter H07RN-F rubber cable which will safely fit the specific plug: 
      • 2.5mmsq - CEE 230v 16A, CEE 415v 16A, universal Schuko/French adaptor (16A).
      • 1.5mmsq - Danish adaptor (16A), Italian adaptor (16A), Swiss adaptor (16A).
    • Industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperate range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable
    • PAT tested.

    If you require an adaptor which is not listed, please do get in touch, as we can make adaptors for almost any international socket, many from stock.