DRiBOX weatherproof electrical boxes

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Modern Christmas lights can present a challenge when the plug needs to be outside, as the plug itself is often bulky as it contains a transformer. Whilst a range of boxes are available on-line, most have negative reviews as they are simply not up to the task of remaining outside for months on end. In contrast, the DRiBOX range of weatherproof electrical boxes set the standard for use outside.

We only stock the large size, as it can accommodate a 4 gang socket (note that only our Christmas 4 gang range fit, not the standard heavy duty) together with the power supplies for various Christmas lights.

The design incorporates a simple hinged clamp mechanism that can be opened or closed in a second, allowing immediate access and closure without the need to release or tighten screws. The lid also features an innovative waterproof interface which moulds around cables when clamped to the box, giving you complete peace of mind.


  • Dimension L330 x W230 x H140 mm.
  • IP55 rated (provides protection from low pressure water jets from any angle e.g. rain or a hosepipe.
  • Heavy duty robust plastic construction
  • Weatherproof rubber seals mould around cables.
  • Suitable for extension leads, 4-way sockets and transformers.