13A Extra large weatherproof socket (For hot tub plug RCDs)

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Weatherproof single socket with an extra large enclosure, suitable for plug RCDs which are often supplied with hot tubs. Also compatible with standard 13A plugs.

If you would prefer not to fit a larger socket, then you could use our kit to convert the RCD plug to an in-line RCD, with a standard 13A plug to fit most outdoor sockets.


  • Ideal for use with large plugs, transformers, RCD plugs and adaptors of maximum dimensions L110mm x W60mm x D48mm.
  • IP66 rated, which means that it provides complete protection to the ingress of dust, and will remain waterproof even when subject to powerful water jets from any angle.
  • The socket can be configured so that it is at the top, middle or  bottom. 
  • Please note that the RCD is not included.
  • Multiple 20mm round entry positions on all four sides and single 20/25mm entry on the back.

Safety precautions:

  • Ensure that the socket is installed and tested in accordance with the IET Wiring Regulation.
  • The socket must be cited as far away as possible from any hazard and in no circumstances closer than 2m to any body of water (IET Wiring Regulation 702.32).
  • In higher risk situations, the socket must be kept 30cm off the ground (IET Wiring Regulation 702.53).