Marine kWh meter

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Developed in response to customer demand for a compact, robust weatherproof kWh meter, suitable for marine use. The unit provides an exceptional quality shoreline cable, combined with a digital MID certified meter, offering a range of advantages when compared to other available products.

Type of connection:

Boats in the UK use three types of connector, which are not cross compatible. Please carefully check the connection on your current shoreline lead before ordering.


IEC60309 230v 16A socket, commonly referred to as a Commando or CEE connector.

This is the same socket as that provided for shoreline connections at all UK marinas.

Unlike the Victron Energy connector, the socket is recessed inside the blue shell.

Marinco 230v 16A connector. The connector pushes and then twists to lock.

Victron Energy 250v 16A connector. Unlike the standard IEC60309 connector, the socket part protrudes from the outer yellow shell. The corresponding boat inlet is shrouded.



  • Digital kWh meter, with class 1 accuracy.
  • MID B&D approved, which is the certification required for a meter to be used for sub-billing applications.
  • Cumulative kWh reading is retained permanently, even if the power is removed for a long period of time.
  • Pressing the push button toggles the meter between displaying the live power usage, a resettable kWh reading and a non-resettable (by any means) cumulative kWh reading.
  • Irrespective of the outlet socket, all units are supplied with a heavy duty German manufactured Menneke 230v 16A CEE IEC 60309 plug.
  • Robust compact IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure (6 = complete dust protection, 5 = protected against water jets from any direction). Dimensions W105mm x H158mm x D115mm.
  • Available in 0.5m and 10m lengths - select the required length from the drop down list above. Custom lengths can be made to order, even for just one unit.
  • Heavy duty 2.5mmsq H07BQ-F orange rubber cable. This marine grade cable is simply in a different league to the normal blue artic cable. It offers extremely high resistance to UV, oil and mechanical damage, remaining flexible down to -40C.
  • We do not use artic blue cable as it offers poor resistance to UV, oil and mechanical damage and should not be used below -5C (see IET article).
  • Meter is placed 0.3-4m from the plug, but can be inserted at any point along the cable on request.
  • PAT tested.

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