MID or Wi-Fi meter in weatherproof IP65 enclosure

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Robust weatherproof plastic enclosure, complete with the reliable MID kWh power meter used in our range of plug-in meters. Ideal for installation outside to measure the power usage of EVs and hot tubs.

Enclosure Specification:

  • Manufactured from tough plastic, with a clear hinged lid. Unlike many cheaper enclosures which weather poorly when installed outside, this unit has been tried and tested as part of our range of plug-in marine meters.
  • Supplied with a 1 DIN blank which can removed to install any other 1 DIN width unit e.g. MCB or RCBO.
  • Dimensions W105mm x H158mm x D115mm.
  • IP65 rated (Complete dust protection and protection against water jets from any direction).
  • Cable entries have to be drilled by the installer. Requires suitable cable glands to maintain the IP rating, which are not supplied.
  • If installation is required inside a domestic property, see our Amendment 3 compliant metal enclosure unit.
MID Meter Specification:
  • Digital kWh meter, with class 1 accuracy.
  • MID B&D approved, which is the certification required for a meter to be used for sub-billing applications.
  • LCD backlit display.
  • Cumulative kWh reading is retained permanently, even if the power is removed for long periods of time.
  • Single phase 230v, 0.25A min, 100A max current.
  • Frequency 50-60Hz.
  • Direct connect load.
  • Pressing the push button toggles the meter between displaying live power usage (W), resettable cumulative energy used (kWh) and non-resettable cumulative energy used (kWh).

Wi-Fi Specification:

  • Wi-Fi enabled digital kWh meter, with class 1 accuracy.
  • Not MID approved for sub-billing.
  • Single phase 90-300v, 60A max current.
  • Frequency 50-60Hz.
  • Direct connect load.
  • DIN rail mounted.
  • Width 36mm (2x DIN).
  • Pressing the push button toggles the meter between displaying:

  • Unit connects via Wi-Fi to enable remote monitoring of kWh, current, voltage and active power (other metrics can only be read from the meter itself).
  • TUYA or Smart Life APP enables live/cumulative readings and a kWh monthly trend graph showing usage by day to be viewed on any phone or tablet.

  • The load can also be switched on and off remotely using the app either manually by pressing a button, or through setting up timers and delay off functions.
  • Can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other Wi-Fi based platforms.
  • A Wi-Fi connection is required to enable the unit to be switched on/off, the timer to be programmed or the meter readings to be accessed remotely. However, once programmed, the timer function will continue to operate without Wi-Fi and the on-board screen shows the meter readings.