Wi-Fi controlled plug with power monitoring

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Compact unit which simply plugs into a UK 13A socket and enables the remote control of any appliance plugged into it via a Wi-Fi connection. Easy to set up via a smartphone app to provide remote control and set timers. The unit also provides real time energy monitoring, together with a cumulative kWh graph over the course of each hour, day or month.

Not recommended for high power applications such as EV granny chargers, hot tubs or heaters; see our heavy duty remote unit.


  • Plug unit into a 13A socket and then connect an appliance.
  • Download the Android or IoS app.
  • Remotely monitor current power consumption and a cumulative total of the power used (kWh) on any smartphone or tablet.
  • The appliance connected can also be switched on/off, or timers set up using the app.
  • Can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other Wi-Fi based platforms.
  • Uses the popular Tuya platform.
  • Requires a Wi-Fi connection to function.