Stand alone remote control switch for extractors with DoL motor starters

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The conundrum of how to add a remote control to a dust extractor with a DoL motor starter is one which has been debated on online forums for many years. Our remote control switch finally solves the solution, with an affordably priced unit which connects to the motor starter using a multicore cable. The unit provides full independent control with a range of remote switches. When any of the start buttons either on the starter or remotes is pressed the extractor turns on, and when any of the stop buttons are pressed it turns off.

A DoL motor starter is not the same as an NVR switch. In simple terms when you press start on a NVR it goes 'click', whereas on a starter it goes 'clunk'. Please see our dust extractor control guide to ensure that you select the correct unit. If you are unsure, please email us a picture of the NVR/DoL starter.

Supplied with 1 key fob. Visit the remote key fobs and switches page for additional switches:


  • Robust GEWISS IP56 rated enclosure, dimensions L150mm x W110mm x D70mm.
  • 22mm indicator which turns green when any of the remote start buttons are pressed, and red when a remote stop button is pressed. N.B. It remains off unless a button is pressed, and does not display the status of the starter itself.
  • Supplied with one remote keyfob with separate on/off buttons. Additional RF remote controls and RF switches can be easily connected by pressing the pairing button. 
  • Range up to 40m, using an encoded 433Mhz signal to reduce interference.
  • 1.5m 7 core YY control cable. This cable must be connected to terminals within the extractor's motor starter. If you can email us a picture of the starter, we will do our best to advise on the connections. Can be supplied with longer cable on request.
  • PAT tested.
  • DoL starter is shown in the image to illustrate how the control unit is connected, and is not included.

Advantages of a remote system:

  • Reduces dust, improving the workshop environment.
  • Saves power by running the extractor only when needed.
  • Saves time.
  • Reduces noise.
  • Reduces heating bills (where extractor vents outside).

Please note that this is a stand alone unit, and is not compatible with the DUSTIMATE modular extractor control system (the separately available remote key fobs and switches are however compatible with both systems).