Overcoming the extra large 13A plug on some EV chargers


Please see our article on safely charging electric vehicles for advice on extension leads.

During late 2018 a number of customers contacted us to see if we could help, as they were unable to find a socket suitable to plug in their BMW and Nissan 'Granny' chargers fitted with a 13A plug. The chargers have a particularly large 13A molded plug, which presented two challenges:

  • The plug is rather large around the cable tail, shaped quite unlike anything ever seen within the UK.
  • The cable is 2.5mmsq. The largest flex normally connected to a 13A plug in the UK is 1.5mmsq, as anything larger is specifically prohibited by BS 1363-1:1995 and A4:2012. However, in this case, as the plug is fitted by the manufacturer, it is perfectly safe.


                           BMW                                                          Nissan LEAF


    Keen to find a solution, within a week we had obtained a lead and carefully tested it with all over 20 types of single weatherproof 13A trailing and fixed single sockets available in the UK. Surprisingly, only one socket was fully compatible.

    The plug didn’t fit into the majority of sockets, as the body of the plug protruded too far around the flex tail. For the small number of sockets that the plug actually did fit, with one exception, the lid then could not be closed to maintain the waterproof rating, due to the larger overall diameter of the 2.5mmsq flex.

    Since 2018 a wide range of EV chargers including those from Audi, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen and Jaguar have begun to use plugs which are not compatible with sockets including:

    • BG Weathproof Storm (Large Housing)
    • BG Weathproof Storm
    • Scrolmore CLICK Aquip66
    • MK Shield
    • Knightsbridge IP7000
    • Selectric Seal Outdoor Heavy Duty Socket 
    • Crabtree 21447
    • Contractum 2356SR
    • LAP
    • SMJ


    Our range of EV extension leads has now been expanded to include leads fitted with a specific type of weatherproof socket. The socket is an exceptionally robust unit, with an IP66 rating. This means that it will remain watertight, even when subject to powerful water jets from any direction. The unit comfortably accommodates the new larger EV charger 13A plug.

    If you need to connect your charger to your existing outside socket, then our handy adaptor cable is just the job. An adaptor for use across Europe is also available.

    We also sell the single and double socket separately, so that it can be installed on a building.