Bulk 13A Double switched sockets 2 gang (Eurolite, Revive, Knightsbridge, Hamilton)

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Box of 10x high quality double switched 2 gang sockets, with round corners and screw covers. Sold in the UK under the brands Eurolite Enhance, Revive, Knightsbridge and Hamilton.

How can we sell these for the best price in the UK?

We use rather a lot of double Hamilton weatherproof socket enclosures. As they are normally only supplied with switched sockets and we require unswitched for all of our products, we have our own direct supply without socket plates. During a recent stock shortage, we had to take 200 units with a switched socket included. We therefore now have 200 switched sockets taking up space in our workshop, which we'd love to find a new home for as they are in perfect, out of the box condition.


  • Double (2 gang) white plastic socket.
  • Round corners.
  • Tough urea plastic.
  • Supplied with screw hiding covers.
  • Terminal capacity 3 x 2.5mm² or 2 x 4.0mm².
  • Manufactured by Hamilton to BS1363.