13A Heavy duty replacement plug

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Heavy duty 13A UK plug, which is the recommended replacement for damaged plugs on high current appliances such as hot tubs, heaters and electric vehicle chargers. Further information on damaged plugs can be found here.

If a standard 13A plug is damaged, it can be cut off and replaced by someone who is confident and competent to do so. We would only recommend using a high quality heavy duty for high current appliances.

If an RCD plug is damaged it must be replaced by another RCD. For anything other than a hot tub/swimming pool, 30mA RCD plugs are widely available.

For hot tubs, it is vitally important that the plug is only replaced with an alternative solution which includes a 10mA RCD. 10mA plug RCDs are not available in the UK, but can be replaced with an in-line RCD using our converter kit. This has the added bonus that it will also solve the issue of the bulky unit not fitting within outside sockets.



  • Heavy duty 13A UK plug, manufactured from extra tough plastic.
  • Complies with BS1363A.