Additional remote key fobs and switches

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Additional remote key fobs and switches, compatible with both stand alone and Dustimate (the add on remote module is required) modular extractor systems.

Key Fob Specification:

  • Small robust design with an alloy outer and rubberised buttons.
  • Key ring style clip.
  • LED indicator to confirm button press.
  • Replaceable 3V CR2016 button batteries.
  • Dimensions W x H x D mm.

Surface Mounted Switch Specification:

  • Slimline design which can be fixed to a vertical or horizontal service using adhesive pads (supplied) or screws (not supplied).
  • LED indicator to confirm button press.
  • Replaceable 3V CR3032 button battery.
  • Dimensions W86 x H86 x D13 mm.

Push Button Specification:

  • Small push button, which can be fixed on or near tools.
  • Press for on, and again for off.
  • Overall unit diameter 50mm, button 36mm.
  • Colour many vary from that shown.
  • Replaceable 3V button battery.
  • The push button is not compatible with our DoL remote units, as these require a 2 button control to function.

Heavy Duty Longer Range Switch Specification:

  • Robust unit with heavy duty yellow/black enclosure.
  • 4 buttons. Suggested that red/green is used for the dust extractor. Spare buttons can be used controlling other remote devices.
  • Replaceable 9V battery.
  • Dimensions W150 x H49 x D31 mm.

Set Up:

  • Each remote control is coded, and will only work when paired with a receiver. Before dispatch we will carefully pair all controls which are ordered. 
  • Additional remote key fobs/switches can be bought, and added by pressing the pairing button on the receiver. 
  • A maximum of 20 remote controls can be used with each receiver.