Cable storage solutions

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Our cable storage solutions have been refined over the years from testing products and gaining customer feedback. They provide a range of practical options for every type of cable. 

Cables must always be removed for any storage device and uncoiled before use.

Padded Bag

Sturdy bag made from strong fire retardant and scratch resistant black fabric, with a waterproof coating.

  • Maximum cable length 15m (1.5mmsq), or 10m (2.5mmsq). 
  • May also be used to store 2x meters/MCB adaptors  or 1x splitter.
  • Ergonomic handle with rubberised cover.
  • Padded design with double zipper.
  • Velcro strip to rear to secure within vehicle if required.
  • Dimensions H30cm x W30cm x D8.9cm.

Velcro Tie

We coil a lot of cables, and find the simple Velcro cable tie to be the most cost effective way of keeping things nice and tidy. In particular they work well with our weatherproof sockets, as the larger size of the grey socket 13A socket can make using a reel or H frame more tricky.

  • Maximum cable length 25m (1.5mmsq), or 20m (2.5mmsq).
  • 30cm long, 2cm wide.
  • Hook and loop, to enable the tie to be quickly fastened around a coil of cable.
  • May be yellow or blue.

H Frame

Ideal for storing shorter cables.

  • Maximum cable length 15m (1.5mmsq), or 10m (2.5mmsq).
  • Robust design with integral handle.

Cable Reel

Sturdy plastic cable reel, ideal for longer leads without the larger grey weatherproof socket.

  • Maximum cable length 25m (1.5mmsq), or 20m (2.5mmsq).
  • Outside diameter 35.3cm, inner diameter 13.5cm, depth at widest point (excluding winding knob) 10cm.
  • Manufactured from strong polypropylene.
  • Central grip designed to make winding cables quick and easy; simply hold the central handle and turn the outer reel.