Citroen Ami compatible adaptors

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Unlike other EVs, the Citroen Ami is not supplied with a separate granny charger. The granny charger is instead built into the car, with a 3m lead contained in the door recess. UK models are supplied with a CEE7/7 European (2 pin plug) which is compatible with German Schuko and French sockets. See our Citroen Ami Charging Guide for more detailed guidance.

If you need to also extend the cable, please see our range of Ami compatible extension leads.

Charging from a 13A UK Socket

In order to charge from a UK 13A domestic socket, an adaptor is required. Due to the continual 8A load, we do not recommend the use of travel type adaptors. Our Ami compatible adaptors use heavy duty components and tough rubber cable. Unlike travel adaptors, they fit in an outside socket with the lid closed, to maintain the weatherproof rating.

Click on this video from one of our happy customers to see it in use:

Charging from a 16A Campsite or Marina Socket

230v 16A IEC 60309 blue commando sockets are commonly found at campsites and marinas. 

The CEE 16A adaptor enables the Ami to be connected directly to the 16A socket.

The CEE 16A T connector adaptor was developed following customer requests for a lead that enabled an Ami to be charged from a campsite 16A socket, whilst also allowing the caravan/motorhome to remain connected. The lead has a special T connector which is a combined 230v 16A plug and socket. It simply plugs in between the campsite hook up socket, and the hook up lead plug, to provide a Schuko socket for the Ami charger. As the charge rate of the Ami is 8A max, the caravan must not use more than the total supply rating minus 8A (e.g. 8A max from a typical 16A supply).


  • Tough UK 230v 13A plug, 16A CEE 60309 Menneke IP44 or 16A CEE 60309 PCE T connector IP44 rated plug.
  • The Schuko socket supplied may vary according to stock and have either a plastic spring loaded (pictured) or rubber push cover.
  • 0.3mm of 1.5mmsq industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperature range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about our cables
  • PAT tested.