Heavy duty time switch (230/415v, 16A/32A options)

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Building on the success of our popular heavy duty 13A time switch, this unit provides the only plug-in timer solution in the UK for high power and inductive loads. Simply set the time intervals and plug the unit in between the appliance and supply socket. 

Most timers use a relay, which is a cheap, compact way of controlling resistive loads. Resistive loads do not contain a motor and require a steady amount of current, even on start up e.g. lights.

In contrast, inductive loads contain a motor or coil e.g. power tools, pumps and refrigerators. When an inductive load is first powered up, it draws a much larger start up current, typically 2.5-3 times its normal operating current. For example a 500w drill may briefly draw 1250-1500w when it starts up. The main issue is actually caused when the relay contacts open to turn the tool off. The stored inductive energy in the motor coil is discharged, resulting in a damaging arc across the terminals, which can eventually cause the relay to fail. 

To overcome this issue, instead of using the relay within the timer unit to switch the load directly, our units connect the timer to a high quality contactor, which then switches the load.

Contactors work using the same principle as a relay, but they are much larger and far better suited to switching higher current inductive loads. The picture below shows the sheer size difference between a typical contactor (left) and relay (right); when it comes to switching inductive loads, contact size really does make a difference.

Contactor rating:

Unit Resistive Inductive
230v 16/32A 40A (AC-7a) 15A (AC-7b)
415v 16/32A 63A  (AC-7a) 20A (AC-7b)

A plug-in Wi-Fi unit is also available as an alternative, to provide remote programming and switching. 


  • Select from a range of IEC connectors.
  • Digital programmable time switch.
  • Up to 16 on/off periods can be set for each day, minimum 1 min apart.
  • Manual over-ride to select permanently on or off.
  • Easy to program using clearly marked buttons.
  • Battery back-up to retain settings when power is disconnected (continual power provided for up to 3 years).
  • Gewiss robust IP55 weatherproof DIN enclosure. Dimensions W105mm x H170mm x D98mm). 415v 32A unit uses a larger enclosure W180mm x H180mm x D98mm.
  • 0.3m in/out of industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperature range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable.
  • Please note that the timer will not work if the appliance connected to it has a DoL motor starter or no-volt release switch (NVR). These commonly both have a start and stop switch. 
  • Please contact us for custom cable lengths or connectors.
  • PAT tested.


  • Click here to download the manual.

Connector Options:

Please use the guide below to ensure that the correct connectors are ordered, using the colour and diameter if unsure.

Connector Details

230v 16A CEE7/7 European 

  • No set colour
  • XXmm diameter
  • 2 pins and side earth contacts
  • Plug compatible with Schuko and French sockets.
  • Supplied with French socket (compatible with French and CEE7/7 plugs), Schuko available on request

230v 16A IEC 60309

  • Blue
  • 43mm diameter
  • 3 pins

230v 32A IEC 60309

  • Blue
  • 56mm diameter
  • 3 pins

415v 16A IEC 60309

  • Red 
  • 56mm diameter
  • Only compatible with 5 pin sockets (L1, L2, L3, N And E).

415v 32A Red Sockets (IEC 60309)

  • Red 
  • 63mm diameter
  • Only compatible with 5 pin sockets (L1, L2, L3, N And E).