Hyundai HY2000SI Petrol Inverter Generator 2000W

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The HY2000Si is a high quality, compact, lightweight and portable inverter generator from the renowned generator manufacturer Hyundai. Ideal for use as a home back-up generator or for camping and motor homes.

What's so special about an inverter generator?

Unlike cheaper standard generators, inverter generators provide a very stable pure sine wave output, with a consistent voltage and frequency which is as good as that from any mains supply. The increased stability makes them the ideal choice for powering sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs, computers and phones, which can be irreparably damage by a standard generator.

What can I power?

The unit can provide a continuous power rating of 1600w (1.6kW) with a maximum peak output of 2000w (2kW) and can power sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs, computers and phones. See our generator advice page for a handy guide to calculating the power you need for your application. 

How do I connect appliances?

The unit is compatible with any of our 13A generator extension leads here.

See our generator advice page for further advice on how to connect appliances to the generator.

What are the key features?

  • 1600w (1.6kW) continuous, 2000w (2kW) maximum peak output power rating. Digital overload protection shuts down the generator if either max is exceeded.
  • 80cc 4-stroke, air cooled, recoil easy-start Hyundai engine.
  • Using the latest low-noise engine technology, the HY2000SI only produces 58dBA at 7m.
  • When selected, ECO mode lowers the engine revs to match the load being applied, increasing fuel economy, lowering noise produced and extending the life of the engine.
  • 2x 230v 13A standard UK mains socket.
  • 1x 12v 5A socket to power 12v appliances (adaptor available separately).
  • LCD display counts the hours that the generator has operated.
  • Max continual run time at 50% lead 3 hours.
  • Fuel consumption 1.153 litres per hour at 100% load, 0.6 litres per hour at 50% load.
  • Low oil level shutdown.
  • Net weight 21kg for easy handling.
  • 3 year domestic and 1 year commercial warranty (terms apply).
  • As with any inverter generator, the unit is designed for leisure use and is not suitable for continuous daily use.