Add to your lead - Small diameter connector suitable for letter boxes

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UK 13A plugs will not fit through a domestic letterbox. This robust, compact and weatherproof connector will however pass easily though any letter box or other restricted space. Simply press the metal button back and twist the connector to disconnect it. Push together and twist to reconnect - incredibly quick and simple.

This video shows how easily the connector passes through a letter box:

When purchased in addition to any extension lead, unless stated in the order notes, we will fit the connector at the following approximate point:

  • 13A plug - 40cm from the plug
  • RCD plug - 40cm from the RCD plug 
  • In-line RCD - 40cm from in-line RCD

If you would like it fitted at a different point along the lead, please add this requirement into the 'Notes to seller' box at the checkout. Where it is passing through a letterbox, we would advise that to reduce the amount of cable needing to be pulled through, it is cited 20-30cm from the letterbox on the inside of the door.

If you wish to purchase a separate connector to fit yourself to an existing lead, please note that a Torx 8 screwdriver is required. An option is provided in the drop down list above to order one. Fitting instructions can be found here.


  • 230v, 16A rated.
  • Weatherproof when mated, rated at IP65 
  • 28mm diameter.
  • Like any other industrial connector, the socket does not have shuttered contacts. Please ensure that it is kept away from children.

Shown to scale against a normal 230v 16A Commando connector:

Made in Liechtenstein