NVR Bypass Kit

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Why does an NVR need to be bypassed to work with a remote control?

When an NVR is fitted to an appliance, it can only be turned on by pressing the green NVR button. If the power to the appliance is removed (intentionally turned off or power cut) then the green button must be pressed to turn it back on. The appliance can be turned off either by pressing the red NVR button, or removing power into the unit e.g. switching off at the socket. 

If connected to remote control unit, when the remote turns the power off, the appliance will turn off. However, when the remote turns on, the appliance will only start once the green NVR button has been pressed; which removes any benefit of a remote. The NVR therefore either needs to be bypassed for the appliance to work with a plug in remote control, or alternatively to retain the NVR functionality for added safety, the Remote Control for Dust Extractors Retaining an NVR provides an alternative.

What type of NVRs can be bypassed?

NVRs may be fitted within the body of the tool or in a separate enclosure and have a red and green button (sometimes with an added mushroom shaped stop switch). 

This NVR bypass kit is only compatible with appliances which have a 4 terminal NVR switch - remove the cover to find out:

4 Terminals - Generally marked 13, 14, 23 and 24 and compatible with this NVR bypass kit.

5 Terminals - Generally marked 13, 14, 23, 24 and A1. A temperature sensor designed to cut the power in the case of the motor overheating is connected to terminal A1. The NVR cannot be safely bypassed, as it would remove this essential safety feature. For dust extractors see the Remote Control for Dust Extractors Retaining an NVR.

How is the bypass kit installed?

The kit contains 2 short wires with 63mm wide blade terminals. The wires connected to terminals 13 and 14 are removed from the NVR and connected together using one of the bypass wires. The wires connected to terminals 23 and 24 are removed and connected together using the other bypass wire. 

The NVR is now bypassed and the appliance will start-up as soon as it is plugged in and switched on.


  • Pack of 2 wires.
  • 4cm long, 1.5mmsq supplied already connected to 63mm wide blade terminals (contact us for other sizes).