Ambulance/emergency vehicle shoreline power adaptors

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Ambulances and other emergency vehicles are often fitted with a power inlet. The inlet is used to connect the vehicle to mains power to overcome the constant power draw of radios, mobile data terminals and medical devices when parked.

With eight different types of connector being used across the UK and Europe, there can often be situations where the a shoreline connector is not compatible with the inlet on a vehicle. Made in our UK workshop, our range of adaptors help convert shoreline connectors to fit most vehicles. 

Please note that adaptors:

  • Do not convert voltage. It is only possible to use 110v inlets with 110v shoreline cables and 230v inlets with 230v supplies.
  • Are not available for shorelines with the American connectors used for Kussmaul Super 15 Auto-eject 110v and 230v. Unfortunately it is not possible to create a connection which is weatherproof and remains together with this type of connectors.

Use the table below to identify the connector on your shoreline cable and the inlet on the vehicle and therefore the adaptor required. Detailed information on the types of connector is provided in our Guide to Ambulance and Emergency Vehicle Connectors.

Adaptor Shoreline Socket Adaptor Vehicle Connection

110v 16A CEE plug to NEMA 5-15 110v socket

Kussmaul Super 15 Auto-eject 115v

LudoPlug NEMA 5-15 110v

110v 16A CEE plug to auto-eject compatible 110v 16A CEE socket



Kussmaul Super 16 Auto-eject 110v

LudoPlug IEC 110V

110v 16A CEE plug to Neutrik 16A socket


230v 16A CEE plug to NEMA 6-15 230v socket


Kussmaul Super 15 Auto-eject 230v

LudoPlug NEMA 230V

230v 16A CEE plug to 230v auto-eject compatible 230v 16A CEE socket


Kussmaul Super 16 Auto-eject 230v

LudoPlug IEC 230v

110v 16A CEE plug to Neutrik 16A socket




  • 0.3m 2.5mmsq heavy duty orange rubber cable.
  • Connectors as per selected adaptor. Please note that we only stock the exact socket make/model recommended by each shoreline connector manufacturer. 
  • Industrial specification marine grade H07BQ-F cable is ideal for harsh prolonged use outdoors. Specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperature range (-40 to 90°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable
  • PAT tested.