13A UK socket tester with RCD test function

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Handy socket tester, ideal for checking the supply to your caravan, EV, hot tub or any other appliance. Particularly useful for checking for the common issue of live-neutral reverse on European campsites. Also great to perform a basic check before plugging in an EV granny charger. 


    • Detects missing E, L/E reverse, L/N reverse and missing N.  As with all plug in socket testers, the unit cannot detect N/E reverse.
    • Built in RCD tester - pressing the test button generates a 30mA fault, which should trip the RCD. Useful for establishing if a socket is RCD protected, or if an RCD is functioning correctly.
    • Compatible with UK 13A sockets. May be used on any other socket with the use of a suitable adaptor.
    • Easy to use with a clear LED indication of wiring status.
    • European Schuko/French and NEMA 5-15 plug versions available on request.

    As we buy in bulk directly from the manufacturer, we are able to offer the very best price in the UK (the cheapest equivalent unit with a RCD test function is currently retailing on Amazon for £14.99).