Traffic light door control interface

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Larger retailers have already introduced entrance traffic lights systems to help manage the capacity of their stores and promote social distancing. Such system work using a complex CCTV algorithm, placing them out of the majority of businesses. Our traffic light system has been developed to offer an affordable, flexible and reliable solution for small and medium businesses. 

The traffic light door control interface provides a normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) relay output, which can be wired to prevent automatic doors from opening when the system is set to red.

  • Requires 12v DC power supply (not included).
  • Single relay NO and NC contacts, isolated from the 12v supply.
  • Dimensions W80 x L120 x D50mm.
  • 230v version can be supplied on request.


Set up:

  • Each controller is coded, so only those which are set up will control the system. Before dispatch we will carefully configure you system. Additional components can be bought, and paired yourself, although it is easier if we can configure everything in one go.
  • A maximum of 20 controllers can be combined with unlimited traffic lights.
  • More advanced control, including pre-set red/green interval timers and remote switching using smart phones, Alexa and Google Home can be achieved using the Wi-Fi controller.