Type 2 to type 2 EV charging cable 32A (7.4kW)

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Type 2 untethered chargers have a type 2 connector fitted to the unit itself, not to a permanently connected cable (left). They are common for both domestic and public chargers. A separate type 2 to type 2 cable, available in a range of lengths, is required to connect the charger to an EV.

In contrast, a tethered charger (right) has a cable permanently connected, with a type 2 connector on the end. A type 2 to type 2 cable cannot be used to extend the length of a tethered charger, as the international standard has a safety mechanism which prevents the charge from commencing if two cables are joined.


Check That Your EV has a Type 2 Connector

This cable is only compatible with EVs with the most common type 2 connector (right). Type 2 connectors have 7 pins and were adopted as the EU standard for EVs in 2014.

Conscious of the number of cheap non-compliant cables on the market, we introduced these cables, which are assembled in the UK from high quality components. Unlike cheaper cables which often only enable a 16A (3.7kW) charge rate, these support a full 32A (7.4kW). The unique cable provides more robust communication cores for reliable operation, whilst providing the smallest diameter and lightest cable available.

Available in a range of lengths from 2m to 20m (contact us for longer lengths) with a choice of yellow, black or blue cable.


  • Type 2 to type 2 EV charging cable supporting a full 32A/7.4kW charging rate.
  • Weatherproof IP54 rated when connected.
  • High quality cable, assembled in the UK.
  • Cable diameter 12mm (except 10m black which is 13mm)
  • A range of storage bags are available separately.