Surface mounted COVID19 traffic lights

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Larger retailers have already introduced entrance traffic lights systems to help manage the capacity of their stores and promote social distancing. Such systems work using a complex CCTV algorithm, placing them out of the reach of the majority of businesses. 

Our traffic light system has been developed to offer an affordable, flexible and reliable solution for small and medium businesses. Set up is incredibly simple:

  • Screw or stick the traffic light unit to a suitable surface (fixings not included). Ideal for fixing onto existing shop A-frame boards, in order to minimise cost.
  • Press the power switch for units fitted with a rechargeable battery, or plug in the power supply (dependant on chosen option).
  • Press a button and stand back to marvel at its simplicity!

How does the system work?

  • The system operates using wireless technology. As long as the traffic lights and switches are within 30-50m of each other (dependant on obstructions), they all work in a synchronised way. There are no wires between units.
  • When any GREEN button on a controller is pressed, all traffic lights turn green. When any RED button is pressed, all traffic lights turn red. It really is as simple as that! Anyone can press a button in any order, and at any time, and they will all change accordingly.
  • Systems can be as basic as just 1 traffic light and 1 key fob switch.
  • Up to 20 controllers can be combined with unlimited traffic lights, including window mounted and portable sign units. If required, installations can be created where specific controllers only control specific lights, or have the opposite effect on different sets of lights e.g. when pressed, one set turns red, whilst the other set turns green.
  • More advanced control, including pre-set red/green interval timers and remote switching using smart phones, Alexa and Google Home can be achieved using the Wi-Fi controller.
  • Each controller is coded, so only those which are paired will control the system. Before dispatch we will carefully configure your system. Additional components can be bought, and paired yourself, although it is easier if we can configure everything in one go.
  • If you are unable to see the traffic lights from inside the premises, additional indicators and heavy duty switches with an integral indicator are available. 

Power supply options:

  • Power supply: 13A plug in power supply. Traffic light unit is supplied with 5m black PVC cable, which then plugs into the power supply.
  • Rechargeable battery: Unit incorporates a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, providing at least 16 hours of continual operation. Simply plug in the supplied charger, to charge between use.


  • Robust IP56 rated weatherproof enclosure, dimensions W150 x H110 x D70mm.
  • 1x Red and 1x green large H98 x W55 x D35mm weatherproof LED indicators.
  • Complete with 1x key fob controller.
  • Please note that the unit is not supplied with a sign, which must be purchased separately.