Wi-Fi/LAN power analyser (230v/415v, 16/32/63A options)

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Manufactured in our UK workshop, this versatile power analyser and meter simply plugs in-line with the supply and provides detailed (down to 1 minute granularity) data, with a range of data export options. Operating over either Wi-Fi or plug in LAN (select LAN option) measured parameters can be viewed via the Shelly Cloud application, which is available as an Android app, iOS app and internet browser option for any device.

See our Power Meter Selection Guide to compare and contrast our range of units.

The screenshot below shows the parameters captured by one of our units connected to a 415v 3 phase machine in an ice cream factory. 

    Meter Specification:

    • Measured Parameters:
    • - Power (W)
    • - Apparent power (kVA)
    • - Current (A)
    • - Voltage (V)
    • - Power Factor (PF)
    • Three phase units also show the overall power, apparent power and current.
    • Class B accuracy ±1% at 2-120A, ±2% at 1-2 A and ±5% at 0-1 A.
    • All units provide Wi-Fi connectivity, with the LAN option providing Wi-Fi together with a network socket for LAN access.
    • Data captured at user set intervals, down to a granularity of 1 minute.
    • Internal 16MB flash memory stores data, with the capacity of up to 60 days, at a 1 minute interval. Data will continue to be stored on the flash if the unit is off line, re-synching when next connected.
    • Shelly Cloud supports MJS scripting, allowing the creation of additional features and functionality. 
    • Reporting is available with SV for PQ recorded values, JSON format export trough RPC.
    • Wi-Fi range is dependant on local construction, with a range of up to 50m outdoors and 30m indoors.
    • N.B. That there is no display on the unit; all parameters are read via the Shelly Cloud.

    Unit specification:

    • Available with a wide range of connectors.
    • IP55 weatherproof DIN enclosure, with dimensions varying by connector type:
    • - 230v 13A, 16A, 32A - W105mm x H170mm x D98mm.
    • - 415v 16A - W118mm x H226mm x D102mm).
    • - 415v 32A - W193mm x H226mm x D102mm).
    • 0.3m input and output leads, using industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperature range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable
    • Please contact us for custom cable lengths.
    • PAT tested.
    A padded bag is available separately to store the meter in between use. N.B. Not suitable for the 63A unit.


    Connector Options:

    Please use the guide below to ensure that the correct connectors are ordered, using the colour and diameter if unsure.

    Socket that Meter will be Connected to

    Plug on the Meter Unit Details

    230v 13A UK Connectors

    • 3 pin, 13A UK plug and socket

    230v 16A IEC 60309

    • Blue
    • 43mm diameter
    • 3 pins
    • Most common connector at caravan sites and marinas

    230v 32A IEC 60309

    • Blue
    • 57mm diameter
    • 3 pins



    230v 16A CEE7/7 European Connector

    • XXmm diameter
    • European plug compatible with Schuko and French sockets.
    • Supplied with French socket (compatible with French and CEE7/7 plugs), Schuko available on request

    415v 16A IEC 60309

    • Red 
    • 56mm diameter
    • Only compatible with 5 pin sockets (L1, L2, L3, N And E).

    415v 32A IEC 60309

    • Red 
    • 63mm diameter
    • Only compatible with 5 pin sockets (L1, L2, L3, N And E)

    415v 63A IEC 60309

    • Red 
    • 69mm diameter
    • Only compatible with 5 pin sockets (L1, L2, L3, N And E).