Type 2 to 13A UK or 16A CEE socket adaptor

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The adaptor plugs into a domestic or public charger with a type 2 connector, enabling standard plugs to be connected. Available with 3 different sockets:

  • UK 13A 230v
  • CEE 60309 Commando 16A 230v 
  • European Schuko 16A 230v

Practical applications include using the UK 13A unit to charge devices with a 13A plug, or the Commando unit to provide power to a motorhome. The European unit is mainly sold for the Citroen Ami car, click here for further details.

The adaptor requires a type 2 (right) charging socket. The type 2 connector has 7 pins and was adopted as the EU standard for EVs in 2014. It is therefore the most common EV connector in the UK. 

It cannot be used with chargers which have a tethered lead (a connector on the end of a cable).



Normally an EV automatically communicate with the charger to tell it to charge. The adaptor requires the use of two switches to manually send these messages using the following procedure:

  • Turn switches A and B on the adaptor to the off position.
  • Plug the unit to be powered into the adaptor's socket.
  • Plug the adaptor into a type 2 charging socket.
  • Turn switch A ON to tell the charging station that the car is connected. Where the charger features a locking mechanism, it will lock the connector in place.
  • Immediately turn switch B ON to tell the charging station to start charging. 
  • To release the cable when charging is complete turn OFF switch B, followed by switch A.

Some charging stations do not require this procedure to be followed; they simply start charging when the adapter is connected with both switches in the on position.