13A weatherproof plug-in Wi-Fi switch/timer

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Unfortunately when conventional Wi-Fi sockets are used with outdoor sockets, they do not enable the socket lid to be closed, removing the weatherproof rating. This unit has been developed to overcome the problem. Simply plug in the weatherproof Wi-Fi switch, connect it using a mobile phone app and enjoy full control of any device which is plugged in, including timers. Can be integrated into Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other Wi-Fi based platforms (use with an Alexa to enable voice control when in a hot tub seems to be a popular with our customers!)

Wi-Fi smart home automation is becoming increasingly popular, enabling more convenient control of items in the garden, whilst reducing electricity bills. Ideal for outdoor appliances, lights and domestic Christmas lights.

The orange socket is compatible with standard UK 13A plugs, but is not compatible with plug RCDs (an RCD plug is much larger than a standard 13A plug, and will have test/reset buttons) or 16A European plugs. 

The unit can be programmed using either the Tuya or Smart Life App and can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other Wi-Fi based platforms. Functions within the Smart Life App include:

  • Manual off/off control via any IoS Apple or Android phone or tablet.
  • Countdown timer - The unit will turn on after the pre-set time.
  • Maximum duration timer - When turned on the unit will only operate for a defined maximum period of time.
  • Scheduled timer e.g. On Monday 07:00, off Monday 17:00.
  • Random timer - Unit will turn on and off randomly during pre-set times.
  • Scenes - Can be triggered by a separate (not supplied) senor or Wi-Fi button e.g. a PIR sensor.
  • Please contact us for alternative Zigbee or eWeLink versions.

A Wi-Fi connection is required to enable the unit to be switched on/off, or for the timer to be programmed. However, once programmed, the timer function will continue to operate without Wi-Fi. Where Wi-Fi is not available at all, a stand alone plug in timer is also available here.

Lead specification:

  • 13A Heavy duty plug (Permaplug).
  • Weatherproof IP54 rated single trailing UK 13A socket.
  • 0.3m either side of Wi-Fi unit industrial specification H07RN-F rubber cable, specifically manufactured for harsh environments with high mechanical, chemical, water and UV resistance. Flexibility and performance is retained over a wide temperature range (-25 to 55°C). Find out what’s so special about this cable

Wi-Fi switch specification:

  • Weatherproof in-line Wi-Fi switch L140 x W62 x H42mm
  • Maximum load 13A (resistive). 
  • Uses the popular Tuya automation platform, making it compatible with the SmartLife and Tuya apps, as well as the manufacturer's ENER-J version.
  • Simply connect to Wi-Fi, install one of the compatible apps and follow the instructions provided.
  • Can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other Wi-Fi based platforms.
  • Wireless frequency - 2.412-2.484GHz