Standard 5m & 10m EV type 2 granny chargers

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are often supplied with a portable domestic charger, designed to charge the vehicle when access to a charging point is not possible. Rather confusingly, the units are commonly referred to as 'granny chargers', as it is a lead to use when visiting relatives such as your granny!

Conscious of the number of cheap non-compliant EV chargers on the market, we've carefully sourced this quality unit from a leading UK supplier. Unlike cheaper alternatives, the charger features a generous 5m cable, is limited for safety to the required 10A max charge rate and has an IP54 weatherproof rating.

The granny charger consists of a 13A UK plug, the charging unit, 5m total length of heavy duty cable and a type 2 connector. It simply plugs into a UK socket and any EV with a type 2 plug, to provide convenient charging.

For advanced functionality included a time delayed start time to take advantage of cheaper off-peak tariffs, adjustable charge rate, LCD display and extra tough cables, see our advanced granny charger.

Check That Your EV has a Type 2 Connector

This unit is only compatible with EVs with the most common type 2 connector (right). Type 2 connectors have 7 pins and were adopted as the EU standard for EVs in 2014.


  • Select 5m or 10m total cable length.
  • LED power, charging and fault indicators.
  • Charge rate limited to the maximum 10A permissible for UK type 2 granny chargers.
  • Advanced electronics continuously monitor key charge parameters. 
  • Robust enclosure, IP54 rated.
  • A storage bag is available separately.